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I'm not sure if I like this new platform or not. While I'm not one to moan, I'm still trying to figure out what the benefits of this platform are. Yes, I know with HTML, you can design a very good looking site like what Sunshine did, but I'm not sure if I've got the time for that kind of 'job'. It took me almost a week to tweak my other blog to the way I liked it, and I had one expert web programmer at the other end of the phone for 3 hours !! After working hard on that blog, I'm not sure I can cope with doing it all over again here, just so I can continue double blogging.

To be fair, I was waiting for the platform change to make up my mind what to do, but I think I'll be leaving 20six now. The biggest attraction 20six had was the community, but I'm not sure this new platform does anything to encourage community. For starters, you don't see the 'freshly blogged' stuff, and nothing like the 'big debates'. And that's not even mentioning 'sweeties'.

So, it looks like my time at 20six has come to an end. I may play around here for a while, and see if I change my mind, but I think I'm gonna work on my new blog from now on.

Will post up the new blog address to confirm.

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