Are we there yet?

The platform change hasn't happened? Will it ever happen?

Well, this week, I've been really busy, too busy to blog, which believe it or not is actually a good thing. Work has picked up a bit, which is a major improvement !! You would think that a 4 day week meant 4 days of 'smooth sailing'. So what have I been up to this week?  Well:

1. My wife has exams on Monday and Tuesday. I'm sure she'll do well, but I can tell she's a bit nervous.

2. We bought a car !! Picked up the car last night. It's an old Honda Accord, but it's in pretty good shape, and my first car in the UK. Now, I've got to sort out the insurance, find somewhere to service it, and then buy SATNAV into it, as my entire map of London is underground. Interesting times ahead.Anyone know anywhere that does good insurance for people with no ‘no claims’ (i.e. I’ve never insured a car before)? Or any place near East London that does good Honda service?

3. I got news from the audition. I MADE IT. Well, kinda. They aren't going to put me in a team (there are 4 teams at the moment), but they see that I have 'potential', and I'm going to be allowed to rehearse with the team, get singing lessons, and then be re-auditioned in 6 months time. And if they're happy with my progress, I'll be put in a team. But that's good news all the same, and the perfect way to round up what has been a hectic 4 day week.

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