100 days to go…..

Till our little girl comes into this world !! Well, 100 days to the due date. Baby has started moving around, I felt it once, it's really exciting and scary all at the same time. I can't wait for the sleepless nights, the nappy changing, etc.

In other news, it seems we may have found a flat !! It's in Langley, near Slough, in a lovely cul-de-sac, quiet area, and we're both really pleased with it. Langley has a bit of a village feel, but is close enough to Slough and to London for 'city' stuff. Hopefully, I should be able to sort it all out early in the week, need to call the agent on Monday.

Also, I'm really getting into the world cup. A couple of great matches, Argentina v. Ivory Coast was a cracker, the Ivory Coast did Africa proud today, and made Argentina work very hard for the win. Also, kudos to Ecuador and Trinidad and Tobago, showing the world they're not just in town for a but of fun !! I will respectfully not comment on the England match.........

With regards to my grandmum's passing, thanks to all who sent messages of support. Planning for the funeral is well under way back home in Lagos, Nigeria and it's going to be in a couple of weeks.....

Have a great weekend ya'll


  1. Glad you found a flat, dude. Sounds really nice!
    And yes, Trinidad and Tobago are my new second team!

  2. Oh, let me guess, your first team's BRazil?

  3. hey bro..pls pls comment on the england performance..:-) it was good stuff in the first half and then just somehow seemed to be dull in the second half...i believe the england team should have pushed stevie g up front...but hey am biased!..ivory coast did well...and also trinidad and tobago..huge result that...well this world cups gonna be best ever..me thinks..and still holland v argentina to look forward to!:-) err i hope the baby comes in 99 days bro..:-)..someone else to share the same bday as me then!

  4. sppadic, very funny. Anyway, I will let you hope against hope !!

  5. YEAH FOR THE LITTLE GIRLS FIRST MOVEMENTS!! Sooooooooo bloody exciting!! And yes, scary, and ALL those other feelings. We only have 64 days left so we feel your excitement. Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooo!!

    Yeah on finding a flat. Things are all starting to come together now eh!!

    As far as soccer.............sorry, we don't watch it! *hinds behind the corner*

  6. Hey MM !!

    Sunday was really exciting, I was talking to my wife, and it was as if the baby was responding to my voice, and moving all over the place !! Really exciting !!!

  7. Hoo Hoo, I'm gonna be an Uncle, and soon too. Way to go man. Remember next time, you owe me. You have to time it right so the baby comes on August 10th, OK!!! ;)