We’re ready to go !!!

OK, after a few days of experimentation, tweaking and banging my head on my monitor, I think this blog is now ready for use. So this is going to be my first official post. I'm still getting used to the Wordpress world, but so far, so good.

It would be criminal for me not to mention the person who helped me set up this blog, sorted out the hosting and was on the other end of Yahoo Messenger when I needed help.

Kayode, thanks a million. You're a legend !!


  1. hmm interesting bro..looks nice..like the pic at the top..chill and relaxing!:-)shall be visiting often..

  2. Nice one bro, thanks. Worked on this for ages, still needs a little work though, mainly functionality when using different browsers !!

  3. Welcome to wordpressing, I trust you'll truly enjoy it. SO are you binning the 20six blog or you'll be running them together.

  4. I'll run both blogs together for a few weeks, till I'm comfortable enough with Wordpress, then I'll 'close' the 20six blog.