The weekend…..

went so fast, I barely had time to catch my breath !! My brother came over from the USA on Thursday, although he went to Glousecester on Friday, and only came back to mine yesterday.

On Saturday, I woke up at 9am, which for me, was a massive effort. I strongly believe that Saturday was designed for sleep and sleep alone, and have been foundĂ‚ sleeping till middady on occasions. Anyway, I had a 2 hour driving lesson from about 10.30am, then I got home, had 'brunch', then went off to have an eye test. Everything is in order with the eyes, but my new job requires me to have an eye test every two years, last time I had one was 10 years ago.........After all this, it was 5 o'clock already !! Got home, sorted out a little shopping and took some trousers for altering, and found myself ironing till midnight, and then doing the dishes till 2 am.....and that's it, Saturday was gone just like that.

Yesterday, went to church, then my brother, wife and I had lunch, before we (my wife not included) went to catch the Arsenal-Wigan match. Then it was visiting an aunt before finally getting home around 8.45pm, and that was my 'restful' weekend up in smoke !!

Good to see my brother though, haven't seen him since 2002, so it was really good to catch up !!

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