A tale of two guys

If you live in the UK and you haven't heard this story yet, you should find a gun, and shoot yourself.

Imagine you're at the BBC for a job interview. Someone calls your name, and asks you to follow him. All of a sudden, someone is putting makeup on you, and before you can say "What the hell is going on", you find yourself being interviewed on live TV !!

Well this happened to poor old Guy Goma who has become so popular, he even has his own entry on wikipedia !!

Goma is a Congolese Business Studies graduate, and was expecting an interview for an upper level IT position, when he was mistaken for Guy Kewney, an Internet music expert. Thinking the interview was a role-play exercise, he played along and answered the interviewer's questions. He was being asked his opnion on the court case between Applecorps (owned by the Beatles) and Apple Computers over the use of the Apple trademark.


Link to the video here.

Transcript of the interview

Karen Bowerman: Guy Kewney is editor of the technology website Newswireless.

(Face of horror - you have to see this !!)

KB: Hello, good morning to you.

Mr Goma: Good morning.

KB: Were you surprised by this verdict today.

Mr Goma: I am very surprised to see... this verdict to come on me because I was not expecting that. When I came they told me something else and I am coming. So a big surprise anyway.

KB: A big surprise, yeah, yes.

Mr Goma: Exactly.

KB: With regards to the costs involved do you think now more people will be downloading online?

Mr Goma: Actually If you can walk everywhere you are going to see a lot of people downloading the internet and the website and everything they want. But I think eh It is much better for development and eh to inform people what they want and to get the easy way and so faster if they are looking for.

KB: It does really seem the way the music industry's progressing now that people want to go onto the website and download music.

Mr Goma: Exactly you can go everywhere on the cyber cafe and you can take, you can go easy. It is going to be an easy way for everyone to get something to the internet

KB: Thank you. Thanks very much indeed.

The producers realised their error, and Mr. Goma went on to atten his interview. He has since been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, and on BBC News 24, but today, everyone has been talking about him, and he has become a 'mini-celebrity'.

The latest news is that he is still waiting to hear from the BBC about whether or not he got the job. But who knows, this may be the beginning of a TV career !!


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