Shut UP !!

George Galloway

George Galloway has a problem. Like most politicians, he likes to talk. He loves people to listen to him. He is an attention seeking, media loving moron. Opposing the Iraq war may have been noble, and by going to the mainly muslim bourough of Bethnal Green and Bow to contest the elections, defeating Oona King, he declared he had given Blair 'a bloody nose'. Then it was off to an American Senate Committee to declare he was innocent of acceting bribes from Saddam.

At this point, his popularity was at a high. But my problem with Galloway is that his friendship with Saddam was at best, stupid. The whole world was trying to get rid of the man, but the rebel in Galloway saw him as a friend.

Going on celebrity big brother made me lose all respect for him. This stupid move to capitalise on his popularity ended in humilation for the MP. WE now have pictures like this to remember him by:

Prentending to be a cat, being fed.

Well, this week, he's done it again. Having being starved of attention, he jumped on a plane to Cuba, to visit the man who is now the most popular dictator in the world, Fidel Castro, to declare his undying support for him. But that wasn't enough.

Today he is now saying that it will be justified for a suicide bomber to kill Tony Blair. Doesn't this man know when to shut up? Calling for the murder of the Prime Minister? In some countries, he could be tried for treason, incitement to murder.

Galloway, for some reason, is a respected politician. But he should be careful, because he will get himself into serious trouble soon.