Obituary !!

With deep sense of happiness and victory, we are happy to announce the timely demise of demonic third term, which happy event occurred yesterday at the National assembly complex after a successful ghastly defeat of the proponents. Until his death, 3rd term was the most controversial issue affecting the minds of all Nigerians. He is survived by a few treacherous power drunk selfish individuals and millions of enemies among Nigerians.

Among his children are Remu\'a Sanjo\'oba, Tuman Siruna, Ke nwe jnr, Naga rryje, Rakitu Minusa, Karfima Ahmad, Hatudal Kisar Datafi, Neni A Nyto, Karbu Bba Himibra and many other shameless Nigerians. May his soul burn in hell. Let me hear you say BIG AMEN.

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  1. AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!

    Is that big enough. Talk about relief. The Senate President said it was divine intervention and that it saved the country from Civil War II.

  2. Let's not speak too soon, hope the election is peaceful and passes without too many incidents.

  3. [...] 2003 was the first time civilian run elections were held without a military coup. Not to say there was no violence or election irregularities, but it was of ‘an acceptable level’. 2007 is meant to be the year that President Obasanjo finally hands over power to another president. He tried unsuccessfully to amend the constitution to secure a third term in office, but most Nigerians, including myself, were happy when that failed. And the search for the next President has begun in earnest. [...]