It’s a………………….

girl !!

Had the scan today, and 'apparently', we're having a girl. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there at the scan, so I have to take my wife's word for it, but these things aren't 100% accurate, so I'm hoping they're wrong, and it's a boy.

Anyway, the name we chose for a girl is 'Omolara' which in our language means 'A child that is born at the right time', 'Lara'  is the short form, and what most people will call her.

That is if it's a girl, of course.


  1. Congratulations in advance big man.
    First, after all the hold ups you finally got the scan done. Yippee!!!!

    Don't call me sexist, at least not just yet, but I hope the scan is wrong and it really is a guy. So I can convert him into a Man U fan and have him drive you crazy everytime Man U whips Liverpool.

    I'm not entirely sure you got the meaning of 'Omolara' right, but then again, what do I know?.

    All the best M8

  2. http://www.behindthename.com/php/view.php?name=omolara

    Check out this link for the meaning of Omolara.

  3. And by the way, I'm going to raise my daughter to be an obssessed Liverpool supporter.

  4. Seen it but I still ain't convinced, don't sound right, can't figure out how they came by that interpretaion. Anyhow, Omolara is a lovely name and that's what matters.

    Obsessed Liverpool supporter? We'll just have to see about that one now, won't we.

  5. I'm sure you'll have the most wonderful daughter, very many congrats Boso, and remember to teach her that Le Tallec has proved, it's ok to be red and white as well as red!

  6. Aww, how sweet - that's a lovely name! Boy or girl, I hope both baby and mummy are happy and healthy. Thanks for the birthday wish btw xxx