Flat hunting

Went to see 2 flats in Ruislip and one in Langley. The flats in Ruislip were quite nice, a bit pricey, but one of them was more than OK.Langley was really, really wonderful, the area was secluded, quiet and very nice, the flat was modern, well presented, close to the station, everything you wanted. And priced affordably to boot !! Unfortunately, the flat was too small. We couldn't work out how to fit ourselves, our stuff and eventually, the baby into the flat. It's like each flat had its own good points, we wish we could take all the stuff we like about each flat, and then put them all together to make 'the perfect flat' !!

 So it looks like we're still looking. Trying not to put pressure on ourselves, but we need to pick the right flat at the right price. Fortunately, we don't need to move till mid-July, so fingers crossed, we'll it sorted by then.

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