Day of reckoning

About a month after I came to London in June 2004, I've been a member of my choir in church. It's been fun most of the time, I've met loads of great people, and a large part of my social life has been based around the choir. Well, all that seems to be about to change.

The choir has been through a lot of change for about a year now, and meetings went from being weekly, to monthly, to every few months. And now, they havbe decided to reduce the number of members from something like 300 to significantly less. Which means every single one of us is going to have to re-audition. My audition is tonight.

Somewhere deep down, I feel like my time with the choir is over. And while I will miss being a part of the team, it may not be such a bad idea. With a baby on the way, I will have time to concentrate on my new family, and spend quality time with my wife. My new job will continue to demand more and more of my time, apart from the four hours a day I spend on trains. And I have slowly begun to build a social circle outside church, albeit, it's mainly my Nigerian friends who have moved over to the UK. And now, I've got more and more stuff to do, with work, and other commitments, and free time is very precious.

I've had some good times though. Singing with the choir on XFactor in 2004. Singing with Xfactor winner Steve Brookstein on Top of the Pops. Being featured on BBC's Songs of Praise. And every single friend I made in the team.

I'm talking like it's all over already !! I've got a song to learn for the audition, but if they ask me directly if I want to be a part of the team, I'm going to say no.

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