Big Brother…….

So it has begun.

I watched the launch show as they introduced the crazy and fame seeking housemates one by one.

When they got to Lea, her audition clip made my heart skip a beat. No, it wasn't her surgically enhanced 30M breasts (yup, confirmed fact), or the fact that she looks like a typical blonde bimbo.

No, she was lablled "BOSO". Honest.


On closer examination, I found that it was actually "B080", but it looked like "BOSO" in the horrible handwriting it was scrawled in. So is this a sign?

It's off to Celebdaq,.....................


  1. i am just pissed that thats three months of good tele time gone to waste..i hate big brother....just a load of people sitting around doing some tasks and playing to cameras...just instant celebritification....sad waste of tv time..i wish they would start showing 24 or other cool series instead of wasting that good time slot...and too everyday!dear god!

  2. Hey, don't worry, we've got the world cup coming soon !! What could be better?

  3. oh yes that s true...thank god for that!..come on brazil,holland and czech republic and stevie g & carra...