Baby Update

OK, Sunshine Chick, here is the baby update you were after. Went to the hospital for the 2nd scan today, only to realise how totally useless the NHS is. My wife had to do a repeat blood test because some plonker forgot to label the bottle from the one she did a couple of weeks ago. After waiting for 3 hours for the blood test, we went to wait for the scan, only to be told that the midwife hadn't filled out the correct paperwork !! Anyway, we finally went in for the scan, hoping to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.

Just our luck, while we're 20 weeks along, it's a bit to early to see the baby's heart or determine the sex, the ultrasound pictures were really blurry. We had to book another appointment for 3 weeks time, when hopefully all will be made known. Sadly, I'm most likely to miss this one, as I'm not sure I can get a day off. So I'm going to have to sit by the phone, and hear the news. I'm so gutted.

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