The Audition

went pretty well. There's a good chance I'll be 'retained', but we have to wait and see. I was pretty lazy about the whole thing, but they pushed me, hard. When asked to sing at the highest possible note I could, I didn't make much effort, and got told, "You know, I think you can hit that note, in fact, I think you can go much higher". So I tried it. And I did it. Well, we'll have to wait and see what the final decision is.

On the other hand, my plans to move house are in dissarray. I had my heart set on moving to Feltham in West London, but an aunt came round yesterday and said that people around there are racist, and now, my wife doesn't want to hear anything about it, we're not moving to Feltham. So I have to figure out somewhere in West London which is both affordable and non-racist, and do this in the next month or so. Any ideas?

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