OK, the wonderful Youngmummy decided to tag me, so now I'm gonna have to say 6 weird things about myself. MMmmmmmmm, as a geek, one would think that wouldn't be too hard.....but here goes:

1. When I'm trying to make a decision, I like to think aloud. So as not to be called crazy, I find an ususpecting 'victim' and start talking and talking and talking, thinking aloud, until I've come to a decision, or the 'victim' has had enough. Usually, my wife ends up being the victim. She thinks it's stupid and crazy. But I've been doing it for years, and hey, it works !!

2. I'm 'sensitive' to caffeine.It's so bad, that I can't even drink Coca-cola !! When I get come into my system, then it messes me up, I'm sleepy all day, and awake all night. However, every now and again, when I haven't had enough sleep, I have to drink some coffee, for example, last week, I had to drink coffee every day to stay awake at work. And I paid for it this weekend, falling asleep all day Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, there's caffeine in loads of stuff, even chocolate, so I inadvertenly 'ingest' some every now and then, and find myself all sleepy/awake at the wrong times. Looking forward to when we have our baby, I'm going to have to take some coffee then !!

3. I read pretty fast. Ironically, as a child, my reading teacher in primary school said I was useless and I would never learn to read. We used to have individual reading sessions, but she was so fed up with me, I wasn't given a session for 2 whole terms !! That was the kick up the butt I needed. I got loads of books, and started reading at home, which was really odd for my age(6). Anyway, on my 7th birthday, she said "Let me pity you since it's your birthday". I took the book (Janet and John) and tore it apart. Read it all the way to the end. Went on to become the best in the class. Till today, I read so fast, the first time my wife saw me reading, she said my eyes were moving so fast from side to side, she thought they were going to fall out !!

4. I'm addicted to Eastenders. Something I don't like to admit in public. But when I went to Nigeria for a year (2003), I kept up to date by watching BBC Prime (3 days behind regular scheduling) and the Eastender's website. How sad is that?

5. My handwriting is NOT cursive. I can't join my letters together, many have tried, but all have failed to get me to change.

6. Another thing I can't get enough of, stand up comedy. I just love it. Laughter is the best medicine, eh?

So there you go !! Was actually interesting to write all that out. So I'm tagging:






and queen_bee !!!

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