On your marks, get set, GOOOO !!!

First day went well. Spent most of it running around sorting out my ID, meeting with HR people, payroll, and other boring first day stuff. As my manager is on holiday till next Wednesday, I'm not really going to get anything serious done till then, so I'm doing a lot of reading on the company intranet, trying to find out what this place is about, and meeting loads of GREAT new people. So far, I'm glad I took this job, for the simple fact that it's a career, not just a job. It will be a while before I get any real work done though, I'm the first member of a new team, the second guy starts next Friday, and we're expecting 3 more sometime in the next few months, I would imagine that I won't start my technical training till the 2nd guy starts and is settled in. So for now, I'm happy to get paid for sitting in my little cubicle, and looking busy, I've been told to enjoy doing this, as when the work starts, I will long for days like these !!

Anyway, I can't use MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger in here (even the web versions are blocked), and Internet access is monitored, so blogging and checking email will be minimal, to say the least.

Anyway, enough about me, how are you all doing?

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