Movie Review

OK, I saw 2 movies over the weekend. While I can't stop going on about one of them, the other one, I would consider a waste of my time.

The Pink Panther

Is not the best Pink Panther movie. I've seen quite a lot of the Pink Panther movies, and I have say that of all of them, this is the worst. Steve Martin is not very convincing as Inspector Clouseau, and I think Beyonce was like an afterthought, as if she joined the movie long after the script was written, and they decided to write in a role for her. Anyway, it's a good laugh for kids, but not a classic.

Inside Man

Spike Lee. Genius !! This movie reminds me of the Usual Suspects. You know, at the end of the movie, you suddenly realise what has just happened. You're in shock. Then it all starts to make sense. You suddenly realise what has happening all along. All the way to the train station, you're talking about how the entire movie, and suddenly piecing together the jigsaw. And like The Usual Suspects, all you want to do is see the movie again, watching it more carefully this time, and this time, you know the whole story. Simply brilliant.

Also, at the end of the movie, you suddenly realise why it's called Inside Man. Pure genius.

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