The best footballer ever

Ok, I'm a Liverpool fan. But this guy has been so outstanding in the last few weeks, that it would be a travesty to to give him his due priase. I never saw him as a team captain. I thought he was too 'into himself' to be a leader. But he's risen to the challenge, led by example, and has shown why Barcelona wants to prise him away from Arsenal.

The kind of goals he has scored over the last year, are simply outstanding. He makes goals out of nothing, and his skills are just unbelievable. And in Saturday's 5-0 drubbing of Aston Villa, he gave 110%, scored two goals, and didn't even play the full 90 minutes. And against Juventus on Tuesday, he was also just too much for them.

What makes this even more astounding, is that a few years ago, he was a reject at Juventus,a winger, and when he got to Arsenal and started playing in the centre of the attack, he was completely useless. How time flies. And on Tuesday, he showed Juventus what they 'threw away'.

I guess my only consolation is that he hasn't signed a new contract as Arsenal, and may be leaving to go to Barcelona.

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