The technology of jobseraching

OK, the last few days have been a bit rough, job applications, interviews, and now, I'm just sitting around waiting for people to decide whether I'm the best person for the job. This is the part I hate the most. Anyway, I thought this will be a good time to talk about some techy stuff.

OK, previously, the best way to find out about new job vacancies was to set up email alerts on the job sites, and then check your email every morning, and pick the jobs you like. Which is good enough, however, in my situation, I'm obviously home a lot, and could do with a bit more. Thankfully, it seems every major job board (apart from Monster, which is sad), has discovered RSS feeds.

RSS feeds are useful for blogs and news sites, where you get alerts whenever there is new content on a website. But now, if you save your job search citeria, you can get an RSS feed, so a few minutes after the job is posted, you get the alert. I currently have 8 feeds related to job hunting from different sites, set to look for new content every 15 minutes. you can read up on RSS here.

The RSS reader I use is called RSS bandit, it's available at www.rssbandit.org and was actually written by an old friend who now works for Microsoft.

Also, every single interview I've been to, involves writing some form of a technical test. While most of them have been ok for me, a few have been a bit difficult. I guess in a world with so many people claiming to know about IT, there has to be some way to check, as interviews are not really a good indicator of technical skills, you can talk your way into any job !!

Anyway, phone interview today at 5pm, then I think I'm off to choir practice.

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