Still at it….

Nope, no job yet. Still frantically searching. Went for 4 interviews on Tuesday, (yup 4), and it was hectic to say the least. But still that job offer is ever elusive. I've got an interview today at 4pm, one tomorrow, and one scheduled for next week. I've even got one in two weeks time !! hopefully I'll have something sorted by then though !

In other news, my wife is doing as well as can be expected. Whoever came up with the term 'morning sickness' should be shot, and his/her body dragged behind a moving car for several miles. 'All day sickness' is more accurate. It seems that whenever I see her, she's either throwing up, or sleeping. I want my wife back !!! Anyway, she's doing ok, and we're now on week 13 of this journey.

So, time for me to watch more boring daytime TV, and do some other mundane tasks before my interview.

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