Out of my mind.

Been waiting for my contract to arrive for the last few days, I only found out today that the security checks have actually started, and only after the checks come through, will I receive a contract and agree on a start date. I'm a bit worried, given what happened the last time, the contract I signed then wasn't worth the paper it was written on. So this, I don't even have the 'security' of a signed contract, so what if the same thing happens again? I've been assured that my job is waiting for me at the new company, but all I can do is worry. I'm off to Nottingham next week for a 2 day contract, as I try to make ends meet financially.

I'm seriously wondering if I should continue applying for jobs, or attending interviews until I have the signed contract. That way, if anything happens with the verbal offer I have right now, then I have a backup plan.

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