Weekend (update)

Didn't win the lottery, well not the jackpot anyway. My tickets for my dad netted a total of £16 (considerig I spent £15 on them, not a bad return), and the office syndicate won £37. I think that's enough gambling for me for the year !!!

Brother-in-law comes from Nigeria today.

And next week, to celebrate Valentine's Day, the wife and I are going to Lille for the weekend, I'm really looking forward to that !! Was going to go to Paris, but maybe we'll do that sometime in the future, although I hope Lille turns out to be alright !! I'm a bit worried about this Muslim cartoons thing though, and the way things are turning out, hope it won't inadvertedly ruin the trip !!

Football wise, it's been a bittersweet week. Nigeria beat Tunisia on Friday in a penalty shootout to reach the semifinals of the African Nations Cup, avenging the Tunisians for booting us out of the semifinals two years ago, ironically, also on penalties. In the semis, we face the one man team that is the Ivory Coast, captained by the twat from Chelsea, Didier Drogba.

Speaking of the scum, Liverpool lost to Chelski last night, a heart breaking 2-0. Liverpool played better for the first part of the match, then Chelsea scored against the run of play, and we crumbled. The match was marred by the sending off of the Liverpool goalkeeper, after some SHAMELESS diving from the chelski winger Arjen Robben. Plonker.

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