Not again………

Another plane crash in Nigeria.This one has got me real upset. Most of the 106 people who are now dead were teenagers from one school, going home for the holidays. Listening to the parents of these kids is heart wrenching.

One woman lost her only child.

A family lost 3 of their children (all their kids).

Another family lost 4 of their kids. (again the entire family).

There were two couples on board. (i.e. husband and wife)

An Amerian national and a French national, both with Doctors without Borders.

A popular Tele-evangelist, Pastor (Mrs.) Bimbo Odukoya, a woman who influenced my generation with relation to love and marriage.

The list goes on and on.

This is the second air crash in Nigeria in less than 2 months (there was one the week before my wedding).

what makes this really sad, what kills me, is that the plane crashed as it was landing. All those parents actually watched as their kids died.

There is one survivor in critical condition.

God help us all.

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