Nigerian Bloggers

Should have done this ages ago, but I've just realised that a lot of my traffic is coming from this site, so I think I must acknowledge them.

www.nigerianbloggers.com is a website set up by a good friend (who I met online), which consolidates RSS feeds from loads of blogs from Nigerians around the world. I almost had a heart attack, when I saw that a classmate of mine had been arrested, for inadvertently calling the president of Nigeria an �inconsequential idiot�.What ?!?! On closer examination, it was all a joke.

Anyway, back to my boring existence......I've just heard that we're going home at 3pm today........WOOOOOOO!!

Tube Strike

It's really not fair. The tube strike tomorrow will ruin new year celebrations for millions of Londoners....and to top it off, most of the tube will be closed for new year's day as well. And as far as I can see, all they want is more money, less work.

I'm gonna find myself a tube driver to strangle....be right back.


Ghost town

Going to work today was so surreal, the streets were all empty, the trains were empty, the office was empty, the city was deserted, it was all so very depressing !!

Someone nicked my bow tie from the suit I rented for the office party, so I had to pay �5 for it. not good, not good at all.

Right now, I'm about to sleep........and I've got two more boring days of work left this week.


You know what I like

For Christmas, my wife got me a pair of trainers from Nike:

And this wonderful game:

I'm really pleased, I really needed a pair of trainers, and she got me a really lovely pair, she's such a darling !! And because I'm always stepping on my shoelaces, she got a pair without any, but they're really cool....I LIKE them, and I LOVE HER.

In return, I got her 2 shirts from Hawes and Curtis (her favourite clothes store methinks) to replace 2 she lost when she moved into mine, and this set, minus the bangle:

So, merry Christmas all.......I've got a mountain of food to tackle in a few hours, I can't wait !!


Office Christmas party tomorrow…

So I will drag myself there, no matter how I feel. It's a black tie event, and I'm even meant to get on stage and sing some christmas carols at some point !! I pray I'm up to it.

I do feel a little better today, I've been hitting myself with heavy doses of night nurse and sudafed every six hours...seems to be working.


I am now………

at home..........

Today I’m feeling

...like crap.

I've got a cold, a headache, and I wish I wasn't sitting in the office.


Secret Santa……

So this is what I got for the guy:

It's a long beer glass. (I think)

What do you think?


Christmas present…

Got my wife's pressie today, and it's looking nice....

However, I'm still in a bit of a dilemna over the present to buy for our secret santa in the office. I've got a really posh guy to buy something for, any ideas?



Upgraded my broadband to a lovely 22MB.......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Not again………

Another plane crash in Nigeria.This one has got me real upset. Most of the 106 people who are now dead were teenagers from one school, going home for the holidays. Listening to the parents of these kids is heart wrenching.

One woman lost her only child.

A family lost 3 of their children (all their kids).

Another family lost 4 of their kids. (again the entire family).

There were two couples on board. (i.e. husband and wife)

An Amerian national and a French national, both with Doctors without Borders.

A popular Tele-evangelist, Pastor (Mrs.) Bimbo Odukoya, a woman who influenced my generation with relation to love and marriage.

The list goes on and on.

This is the second air crash in Nigeria in less than 2 months (there was one the week before my wedding).

what makes this really sad, what kills me, is that the plane crashed as it was landing. All those parents actually watched as their kids died.

There is one survivor in critical condition.

God help us all.


Manchester United

Due to the unfortunate events that surrounded the minute's silence to
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's laughing will be observed at
's matches.



The guys and girls working at Goldman Sachs will all receive bonuses totalling $11 billion (about �6 billion) !

Even an entry level associate can expect to receive a bonus of about �41,000, enough to double their salaries.

I think the list I companies I want to work for just got a little longer.....

To whom it may concern…

The big fat guy snoring on the train all the way into London yesterday.

Around 6pm.

That was me.