What the?

The strangest thing.

Got an email from a company inviting me to apply for a job. I ignored it. Then I got another email saying my application has been received, and someone will be in touch soon, yada, yada, yada. They even gave me a candidate number, etc !! Talk about being presumptuous !!

So why didn't I apply for a position that pays �10,000 more than what I'm currently on? Because this particular company sometimes invites you to apply for a position that they plan to fill with an internal candidate, but they invite people (who they know will not be as good as their internal candidate) to apply, and then they can claim that the job was advertised, people interviewed, and their person was the best for the job. I've been a victim of this earlier on in the year. So this time, I'm not biting.

Thanks but no thanks.

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