I want…………

Eltax DV-251 DivX DVD Player With Front Mount USB Port

It's a DVD player, but it plays ANYTHING, DIVX, AVIs, you name it. And
it has a USB port, so you can put a movie on a USSB stick, and watch !!
I'm not sure if it will connect to my removeable hard drive, but if it
does, that will be a MASSIVE plus, and I've got a few Gigs of movies on
that. So instead of burning all my videos that I have *ahem* acquired
through "legal" means to DVDs, I can just watch them STRAIGHT awat. And
for £40, this is a BARGAIN !! May have to spend another £70 for a 1GB
Memory stick, but if I can watch my movies on my widescreen flatscreen
TV instead of my dinky 15 inch monitor, it will be worth it !!

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

It hasn't gotten the best reviews in the world, but every single gaming
podcast I've listened to, and one or two other people who've played it
have said this is the best thing to come out on the Xbox this year.
Considering that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out this year, this
is no mean feat. It only just came out in the UK today, and it's
already sold out on www.play.com !!!

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

This is the next installment in what is simply the best soccer game out
there. I've been playing FIFA Football since 1993, and I've loved them,
but last year marked my transition to Pro Evo. And I've not looked
back, FIFA 06 will be the first FIFA game I won't buy since 1994 !!

Burnout Revenge

I'm not into driving games, but I played the demo of this game, and
it's BRILLIANT !! Easy to play, and most especially IT'S FUN !!

But sadly, with the wedding coming up, I can't afford all of this.
Maybe just one game. And I can't ask for any of this for a wedding
present, as it won't be fair on the missus.

Although, come to think of it, she won't mind the DVD Player.......mmmmmmmmmm

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