This week has been fast paced, hectic, crazy, manic, overloaded, etc..
(You kinda get the picture, don't ya?). Work was just crazy.......never
had a minute to sit down and catch my breath. I'm loving the weekend,
lots of sleep, and as little activity as possible. And from Monday,
back to the grindstone.....

Funding for the wedding is at a crossroads, myself and my other half
are now 110% broke, and it doesn't look like money is coming from
anywhere. I'm the kind of person who like to have everything planned
out, and 'organised', it's driving me mad.

So what else is new? Not much. Wedding is in 41 days, 13 hours, 25
minutes and 40 seconds according to my trusty little timer on my PC

Gosh, my life is so boring.

I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

I think I'm going to crawl into my hole now....

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