3 strikes

1. Got home to find a letter from BT. Apparently, my teenage cousins who have been staying at my house have been calling Nigeria, 49 times to be exact to the tune of £100. Where in God's name am I supposed to find that kind of money? They are currently in Manchester with my other cousins, so I called them and gave them a piece of my mind. It's not enough that their VERY RUDE girlfriends call my house at 1am, but now,they have to hit me in the pocket as well........<br>
2. While I was still coming to terms with the massive phone bill, I realised that my not-so-bright landlord had left the back door WIDE OPEN when he came in to fix the leaking toilet cistern for the 2nd time. Not just that, they had used my food bowl to clean out the toilet, so it's now stained with blue loo water. Not just that, but they left the entire bathroom in a right mess, took almost half an hour to clean it all up. So after screaming at my cousins, I gave him a call and SCREAMED at him for a while. <br>
3. Woke up this morning only to find that the toilet was still leaking. Nice puddle of water to greet me first thing this morning..............<br>
I'm gonna starngle someone. Today. Be warned.

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