Don’t let her seduce you……….

A girl playing an Xbox? Was that all it took to rope me in?

UK Online's ads on the tube and everywhere else never caught my attention, until a mate at work mentioned them, and all of a sudden, my eyes opened up to the possibility of an 8MB connection at home. I signed up, and apart from a minor hiccup in the begginning, they were OK.

When moving house, they made me pay £75 for the privilege of mving my service from the old house to the new one. (When I signed up, I told them I would be moving soon, so I knew about the charge). One would think that for this amount of money, they would return the favour with a reasonable degree of service.

I'm been internetless for about a month now. That's right. I've been on the phone to UK Online at least 10 times, and each time, you're placed on hold for about 20 minutes on average, before you get to speak to an actual person. I've been lied to, shouted at, and had several promises broken.

OK, I'll give them credit for one thing, I've been refunded my charges for the last 2 months. But then again, I've not been using the service for about half of that, so making me pay for it in the first place is a crime in itself.

Before I stop whinging, I have to tell you the worst mistake they made.

On the day my service was first 'activated', I got home and there was nothing. I called their tech suppport line. The problem? Well, they'd only gone and re-activated the service at my old house. Now, if I'm moving house, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that I'll be changing my address. Or does it? Is it too much to ask for these peopleto actually think? The first thing they did when I paid the £75 was to take my new address and phone number. So was that just to make sure they had their billing address for my credit card up to date?

I'm fuming, and it's going to take a while for me to calm down.

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