Why do human beings do this to themselves?

It's been one crazy day.

Today, I got to work early enough to pick up breakfast at a sandwich shop next door. I was still going through my 'to-do' list when someone walked in with the news that there was an explosion at Liverpool Street Station, less than 10 minutes walk from us. Some of our staff come in from there, so we immediately started trying to contact them. We later found that there were more explosions on the tubes, and the entire network had been shut down. Outside our office, there was a constant blare of sirens, helicopters, and from the windows, we saw police cars, ambulances and news crews speeding along to Liverpool Street. We were told not to leave the building. The mobile phone network was overloaded, and you couldn't get a signal.......

Until then, we thought it was all caused by power surges on the tube, but when we heard that a bus had blown up, it slowly began to dawn on us that we were smack in the middle of a terrorist attack. Senior management decided to close the office by 1pm, and we started to plan towards closing the office till Monday, as a test of our Disaster Recovery plan.

Leaving the office, it was like a scene from 'War of the Worlds', crowds of people in shock, walking, trying to get out, to safety, to their loved ones. A group of us walked from the city to Hackney (which took a while, about 2 hours), before we got a cab. A lot of cab drivers wanted to make the most of the situation and told us they would charge triple fares (which made me sick). We found a chap ready to charge regular fares, and got on our way.

Only when I got home did I realise how tired I was from the long walk and the mental strain of it all. Watching it on TV, I'm digusted at these people who think killing innocent people can make a point. As helpless as I feel, I want to prove to them that their tactics were futile, and as soon as possible, life will return to normal. They may have won today's battle, but they will NEVER will the war.


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