So where do I start?

1. Woke up a bit late. As a result, I couldn't make breakfast, and left the house without food.
2. Missed the 7.54 train to Dorking by one minute. Even less. I actually watched the train pull away from the station
3. Got to Dorking 10 minutes late.
4. Free ride to London, so I thought my luck had changed. We got to London at 11.45am. Looking for a car park space, we got stuck in traffic at Algate where people had congregated to pay their respects during the two minutes silence. Got to the office at exactly 1.30pm. (Over an hour looking to park)
5. One hour meeting. Hungry as a lion afterwards.
6. Decided to go to the bank to withdraw my deposit for my new flat. The bank staff thought I had a lot of 'suspicious' activity on my account, so I had a good grilling. Invovling a police officer. At the end of which, I had spent my entire lunch break(I was there for well over 45 minutes, explaining where I got all my money from), so guess what? No lunch. Remember I said no breakfast?
7. Had to go to the bank again to get my money. Finally got it, after waiting for another 30 minutes.
8. Picked up the key to my new flat. My girlfriend was late, so she couldn't sign the tenancy, so I have to go back there on Saturday.
9. No gas in the new flat.
10. No phone line in the new flat either, so I have to pay BT £70+VAT to install one.

Should I continue?

11. My broadband gets disconnected tomorrow.

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