Don’t shout at me…..!!

On the phone to UK Online customer service.......

Boso: "I've been trying to get you guys to do this for the last 2 weeks, it's been so frustrating, so......"

Customer Service: "Don't shout at me!! I'm trying to help you, please do not be angry at me!!"

Boso: "Can I finish what I'm saying?"

Customer Service: "No, I get the gist"

And she went on to be as unhelpful as the previous people I spoke to. However, this was on Friday evening, and first thing Monday morning, she called to say that my broadband will be disconnected on Friday. So I guess she was helpful after all.

The egg loan is up and running, and I've abandoned the NATWEST one. I wrote a strongly worded letter of complaint today, and sent it off. Just realised that I forgot to put my address on the letter (Doh!), but I did put my account number and sort code, so hopefully, they'll be able to respond to me using that.

Apart from that, all is going well, pick up the keys to my flat on Thursday, and the long process of moving in begins !!

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