When it rains it pours…

Impending Nuptials:

It seems I'll have to move house sooner than I planned. To book a date for the wedding, I need to know where I'll be living by then, which I don't. We're contemplating doing it in a church, but I need to figure out which parish I'll be living in. Even if we want to do it in a registry, I'll need to know which borough. So flat hunting has moved very quickly to the top of my priority list. Also, I may need to take out a small loan to pay for moving flat, and some of the expenses of the wedding. I'm hoping I don't have to borrow more than £3k.................because I'm not planning to be heavily indebt  AT ALL. I'm expecting a cheque from Inland Revenue, and also might be getting a bonus payment next month, that should offset any
loan significantly.

Morning Commute:

What's your worst possible scenario? How about being stuck in a tunnel, just before Liverpool Street station, for 20 MINUTES. Not pleasant. In an overcrowded, and VERY HOT carriage, things can get very messy (and smelly!). People start picking fights....hissing, let's just say I'm glad it didn't go on for much longer !! And I still made it to work on time, albeit, the walk from Liverpool Street helped clear my head......I never thought I could feel so claustrophobic !!

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