Thierry Henry

There is something remarkable about this young French man. There are only two things I like about Arsenal:

1. The gorgeous Chiccy is a massive fan.
2. Thierry Henry is one of the most gifted footballers on the planet.

While I'm not a massive Arsenal fan, I love Thierry Henry's passion,it's so evident to see when he plays. The way he celebrates his goals, or goals from his team mates for that matter, shows that he's playing the game because he loves it. While his massive salary might 'help', I think his love of the game is the reason why he does what he does. There are few players like Henry in the world, Jamie Carragher is beginning to show this type of passion now that he's being played in central defence.

Anyway......today, Henry has made comments about Liverpool's Champions' League victory, and unlike his viciously bitter teammate Ashley Cole, he's full of praise for the men in Red.

On the Liverpool website, he praises the team, and even says he wants Liverpool to challenge for the title !!

"I really want Liverpool up there at the top," he said. "It will make it much more exciting. I hope they can catch up with us, Chelsea and Manchester United. A four way championship fight would be special.

"And you have to give credit to Liverpool. People say the English league is easy. These supporters point to the fact that English teams rarely do well in the Champions League - even though we have four teams enter every year."

"Well Liverpool, despite finishing fifth, have proved by winning the Champions League that the English league is indeed very strong. This has answered all those people who make remarks."

"Liverpool have done something for all of us and we should thank them. It was the most amazing final ever. At 3-0 down Liverpool looked completely dead. But they were able to show the fighting spirit which is so typical of an English team."

Henry also had words of praise for the club's brilliant supporters, adding: "Liverpool's fans are just amazing. The best feeling I have at away games is Anfield. It is just incredible. I love it.

"You get goosebumps when you see their supporters sing You'll Never Walk Alone."

Henry, you're the best striker ever. And I mean it.

Ashley Cole, try and learn something from this man. It will make you a better person.....I hope you lose all of last season's wages as a fine for meeting the scum from Chelski behind your club's back, you mercenary, you !!

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