So that’s how it’s done !!

My new work start time meant I managed to get a non-crowded train into work. Which meant I got to sit down. And I was also able to observe a very interesting sequence of events.

Three characters in this. One TALL, MUSCULAR guy. 2 girls.

All four of us got on at Leyton. Girls chatted all the way to the next stop Startford. One of them gets out.

Muscular guy smiles at other girl.

Girl smiles back.

Musuclar guy goes to sit next to girl.

Introduces himself and gets a handshake and more giggles.

They get chatting.

By Mile End, he's brought out his FLASH mobile, really nice looking phone, hands it to her, and she enters her number into it.

He continues to make her laugh, giggle and smile from ear to ear.

I got off at Bank.

From what I overheard, she was going to Bond street, he was going to Oxford Street.

Love on the tube, who would have thought ?

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