I think I’m in love……

with the flat I saw tonight. (I said that yesterday, didn't I?)

Tonight was a lovely two bed flat, near the station, and really clean, neat, etc. All the essentials. A little bit above our budget, but manageable all the same.

however, I've been brought down to earth. It seems my 'approved' bank loan cash may not come through for a few more weeks. And the tax refund I was expecting is not yet here as well. so I don't have the cash to put down for the flat. This is not good. I can't let this flat go !!!

One more flat to see tomorrow. Yesterday, I thought I had my mind all made up. Today, I think it will be impossible to match the flat I saw tonight.

The flat we're looking at tomorrow is supposed to be brand new......'no one has ever lived in it before' she said. So all new appliances and furniture, will that sway me yet again? However, it's a one bed studio, today's was a two bed apartment.

Can't wait for tomorrow now.

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