Disaster !!

On my way home yesterday, I had to use the Docklands Light Railway, as the Central Line was all crazy....

As I passed the cinema I regulary visit at West India Quay, I noticed that the sign on top had changed. It was no longer 'UGC Cinemas' it was now 'Cineworld Cinemas' !!

Today, I picked up the Metro, and realised that there were no listings for either a UGC or Cineworld at West India Quay.

Is my movie watching in danger or what? I've got a UGC cinemas unlimited card, which I pay £14 a month for, and I get to watch as many movies as I want. I've got a month or so to go, but if the cinema has been sold, and my card is no longer valid there, then I'm cancelling as that means there's no UGC cinema in East London.

Sob, Sob.

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