And the girl said yes…….

Yeah, she said 'yes'.

Although she said 'no' first just to wind me up, but the final answer was a 'yes'.

If I have to tell the story of how I proposed one more time, I'm gonna burst into a ball of flames!! I've told the story at least 500 times since Friday night. It's funny how only girls want to hear that, guys aren't very concerned.

Anyway, we find ourselves planning an October wedding in London, and one sometime next year in Nigeria. We were hoping for a small ceremony here, but the more phone calls I make, the more I realise that it may not be possible !!

After publicly saying that as a Christian, I don't believe in sex before marriage, some of my colleagues/friends have started 'the countdown to the explosion of Boso'. I have no idea what explodes, or how.... ;)

I also have to start hunting for a flat. We went to look at one last night, but decided that maybe I couldn't afford it right now, and we should wait for a few more months, so I can save a little, and move into the flat just before the wedding. Had a bit of a shock yesterday with a racist landlord.....but don't get me started on that.

The next few months are going to be hectic, stressful and exciting(AND EXPENSIVE), but you know what?

She's worth it.

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