Quotes of the week

I'll be on a bender for a week
Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher will still be celebrating as you read this.

I slept with the cup in my hotel room. I did not want it out of my sight. When I woke up and someone took it away, I felt I had lost a part of me
Skipper Steven Gerrard on the significance of the Champions League

The cup ended up with Stevie G in his room. His girlfriend wasn't here, so he had the cup in his bed instead
Confirmation from team-mate Vladimir Smicer.

Jamie Carragher looks like he's got cramp in both groins
Football commentator Andy Townsend declares Carragher a biological phenomenon.

The boss asked me if I wanted to take a penalty, I said I did and he put me on fifth. I thought "Thanks a lot, pal - my a*** was going, I was all over the place!
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, who was spared penalty duties thanks to Jerzy Dudek's save from Andriy Shevchenko.

There was a real suspense surrounding my penalty - it was like something out of a Hitchcock movie!
Xabi Alonso on the penalty he missed to bring Liverpool level, only to net the rebound.

Before the penalties, Carra came up to me like he was crazy - as always! He said: "Jerzy, Jerzy - remember Bruce (Grobbelaar). He did crazy things to put them off and you have to do the same"
Liverpool hero Jerzy Dudek reveals the 'wobbly legs' press conference before the penalties.

Liverpool fans with Dudek banner

Do the Dudek

He did a much better job than I did. He looked like a starfish with jelly legs to me but it worked
Liverpool's original "spaghetti legs" goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar pays tribute to Jerzy Dudek.

This one was enormous - it was the biggest in the world - as big as the room! Every time I went to relight it, it seemed to be the same size - it lasted all night!
Vladimir Smicer, who scored a goal and a penalty in Liverpool's defeat of AC Milan, recalls his giant celebratory cigar.

Football is like politics: you think you have won and then you haven't
Silvio Berlusconi, AC Milan owner and also Italy's prime minister.

It was gutting to watch what Liverpool did in the sense that Arsenal think we should be winning those sort of competitions
Arsenal's Ashley Cole shows he's not a bitter person.

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