Another new toy

After a week of frenzied research I have finally bought a Thomson Digital Video Recorder (DHD4000).

Basically, it's a freeview receiver, with a 40GB hard disk, so I can record TV shows (kinda like Tivo in the US, and a cheaper version of Sky+). It's really cool, it downloaded new software sometime in the first few days, and the few problems I had with it were rectified. The only issue I have with it is that the fan is a bit noisy, and maybe it's a bit too loud for a bedroom, but I can live with it.

Oh, and this is a dual tuner recorder as well. Basically, this means I can watch a previous recording, and record two other channels at the same time !! NICE !!

Anyway, now I can finally dispose of my combo TV/VCR.......

There's a very good comparison for Dual Tuner Freeview Personal Video Recorders at this site.

Lists all known problems, and is an excellent starting point for anyone planning to buy one. also, there's a link to the digital spy website on that site, with forums that give a lot of information.

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