Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

While most of Britian mulls over the who is going to win the next general Election, there's another 'election' going on behind the scenes. If you think you've seen dirty campaigning, then think again.

The fight for which games console is going to be NUMERO UNO is raging, and unlike the general election, the battleground is the entire globe.

First of all, Xbox decided that using the name 'Xbox 2' would make people think it was less powerfull than the PS3, so they've decided to go with a new name. No one knows what the name will be, but my 'sources' tell me that Xbox 360 seems to be a final choice.

Both companies were meant to debut their machines at the E3 games Expo in late May. Then Xbox announced that they were going to unveil their new machine on MTV, on May the 12th. They've recruited self-confessed games fanatic Elijah Wood, better known to many of us as Frodo from Lord of the Rings. Massive blow to Sony.

So, Sony has decided to hold a press conference a few hours before to show off their new machine. 4 hours before to be exact. And on the other side of town in LA....which means that the poor journalists covering the event will have to either choose between which to attend, or suffer traffic to get to the Xbox one.

All this from listening to podcasts for 3 days, lol.

The New Xbox is supposed to be really good looking and apparently 'concave', and able to stand on its side. And apparenlty, it's going to be backward compatible, so you can play current Xbox games on it. If all this is true, and I find a good trade-in deal, I might actually consider it.

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