New games……

I blog so much about my games, I've decided to create a section for them !!

I've bought some new games, however, with my looming exams, I have decided not to play them till the 18th. Anyway, the games are:

Mercenaries, I just bought this from Asda today.

I got the above 2 games as a pack from Asda as well. Would have cost £40 from play.com, cost me £35. I'm not a fan of Medal of Honor though, so I'm sure I won't play it much.

The collector's edition of Doom 3. Pre-ordered from play.com, due to be released on April 8th. This version has the original versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2, two games I LOVED as a teenager, but these are multiplayer versions. I can't wait.

So it's back to studying now. I'm expecting my Pro Evo 4 on Monday.....so the only game left on my wishlist is NBA Street v.3.

My game collection can be viewed here


Only 8 games for now, but I hardly have time to play them all !!

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