Laughed my head off

The Comedy club last night was sensational !! It was loads of fun, and my Nigerian friends really enjoyed it. We had a surprise, in Jimmy Carr from the TV !! He took the open spot, and it was a short performance, but it was good. When I saw him, I SCREAMED my head off. But he was 'testing' new material on us, but it was mostly good stuff. I've become addicted to The Comedy Store and I'm sure I'll be back there again soon.

Today was spent saying goodbye to an old friend who's going back to Malaysia this week. Oh, and I discovered a shop off Oxford Street that sells dirt cheap Xbox games, I bought NBA Street v.3 for £20, it's selling for £40 everywhere else !!

Anyway, it's time to watch some goals in match of the day, and take it easy.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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