A fool and his money are soon parted (but I’m not fool…….)

OK, I'm about to make some big purchases. Some gadgets:

1. Xbox Live + game

Mentioned this in a previous post. I need to buy a wireless adapter for the Xbox tho, so it will cost about £90 total to get this up and running. I'm also planning to buy a new game NBA Street v.3


All I have now is a 14" TV in my room. I've wanted a bigger TV for ages, but there's no where to put it in my tiny room. So I've decided to go for a 20" LCD TV. I can easily put this on my table, and still have room to do the occasional read !! I'll keep both TVs, keep
the small one on the shelf, and watch normal TV on it....and use this one for freeview, games and DVDs. Hope to find one for £400 or less....I'll buy an extra scart cable, and I'll be able to connect the freeview to both TVs.....!!! HA !!

3. Flat PC Monitor

This will be a complete Luxury.....but I'm considering it all the same. I've seen one for less than £100 on www.aria.co.uk , the deal comes every now and then, so I'll be keeping an eye out. Should get a 15" one, but maybe I'll get a 17" one if I'm feeling impatient.

I'll then have a problem, what to do with the current 17" CRT on my table. My flatmate has suggested that I should leave it outside, and someone will pick it up. On my way to work today, I saw a monitor that someone 'threw away' like that. But it rained today, rain would have ruined it:( And this monitor is still new........I only bought it in
November !!

anyways, with all this talk about money, you'd think tomorrow was payday....it's not....don't get paid till the 29th !! but I'm planning ahead....as always.........

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