The curse of the Anfield Keeper

Liverpool seems to be cursed with dodgy goalies.

David James:
What do David James and the devil have in commmon? They both can't handle crosses !! I could go on and on about 'Calamity' James, but I won't....

Sander Westerveld: When he was good, he was very very good(League Cup Final, 2001). But when he was bad, he was terrible.

Jerzy Dudek:
Now, where do I start from? I propose that the police issue a search warrant for Dudek's apartment. I can bet you they'll find somewhere in his stuff, a Manchester United fan card.

And now....Scott Carson has joined as the next in line of keepers who make high profile errors with his gaffe last night against Juventus. Then again, he's only 19, so he's got plenty of time to make even more high profile errors !! I saw the goal he gifted the German U21 team a few weeks ago, with a poor clearance, and all of a sudden, instead of winning, England U21 drew the game.

But when all is said and done, a 2-1 victory over Juventus is MASSIVE, no matter what......let's see how it all pans out next week.

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