Crown the champions

Chelsea have done it. It has seemed a certainity for weeks now, but today, victory at Bolton has given the Blue men from West London the title.

But do they deserve it? As far as I'm concerned, the billions of dollars put in by a certain Roman Abramovich have tainted the title. The Russian oil mogul bought the club at the beginning of last season, and pumped in so much money, that he practically bought the title. £210 million has been spent on 22 players, including £24 million on Didier Drogba. And Mutu was sacked.....Ranieri was sacked amidst what I would call stupid  circumstances, and the new man at the helm(Mourhino) has continued to provide constant entertainment, with his frequent outbursts and 'constant misbehaviour'. To me, the biggest coup was stealing Peter Kenyon away from Manchester United. To take a United fan from the top job at the club is nothing short of a miracle....and I'm sure that a few million pounds would have changed hands.

I'm not saying that I don't admire Jose Mourhino. He's a brilliant manager, and a strong leader, and I don't think they'd have done it without him. Also, the team is built around Frank Lampard and John Terry, two pre-Abramovich players, that have performed better than any of the 'mercenaries' that have been brought in. I'm really happy for John Terry, winning the PFA award this year, and I think he's one of the best defenders in the business.

But the arrogance of Chelsea was never clearer than in the famous 'tapping up' row involving Ashley Cole. Peter Kenyon and Jose Mourinho met with him, and no matter how the FA decide to punish them, it won't be more than a fine, and that won't be more than pocket change to these guys. And they even mentioned that they've 'secured' Stevie Gerrard for next season. As a Liverpool fan, I'm a bit unhappy about this, especially since Gerrard hasn't come out to deny this, and his performances in the last 2 games against Chelsea have been sub-par.....especially scoring for them in the Carling Cup final.

Anyway, the downside is that the team will be on a high for the match against Liverpool on Tuesday, and that's not good. Liverpool couldn't beat Boro today, and that's a shame, especially since Everton lost. I've said it before, I don't see Liverpool coming 4th. So we can't play champions League next season.

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