Brilliant win….

Liverpool managed to win today, I'm really glad. It was a tough match apparently, and Liverpool played with one eye on Tuesday's Champions' League quarter final with Juventus (I can't believe I'm saying that !!).

Chelsea has all but won the league, with the scum drawing today. 10 points, with 7 games to go. They need to lose 4 times, and I don't see that happening. There are 4 battles left to fight:

2nd place:
Arsenal have leapfrogged the scum today, and it's close up there. The prize? Automatic qualification for the Champions League next season. I can't predict who will come out tops, but I would prefer any team to the scum, anyday.

4th place:
Just below the previous battle, Liverpool is fighting with 2 unlikely teams for 4th place, Everton and Bolton. Everton still have to play Newcastle, the Scum and Arsenal, so I'm hoping Liverpool clinches 4th place.

Europe: With Chelsea winning the Carling cup, there's an extra UEFA cup place available. Middlesborough, Totenham, Bolton, Charlton and maybe even Aston Villa and Newcastle, are likely contenders for the 3 places. Oh, and there's also Everton and Liverpool who will most likely pick up one of the positions.

RELEGATION: So who goes down now? Crystal Palace, West Brom and Norwich all came up last year, and they're currently in the bottom 3. But Southampton, Fulham, Portsmouth and Blackburn are not exactly safe, it's going to be a battle to the finish at this rate.

But today's news must be the bust up between Dyer and Bowyer today.

I can't wait to see how Souness handles this.

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