Boy’s Toys

I finally set up my XBox live tonight. I used a Wireless Ethernet Bridge to connect my Xbox to my existing wireless network at home, and I managed to connect and set up an account. My first game online was FIFA 2005, and I played some guy who used Arsenal, I was Liverpool (as always). tough match, but I managed to win 2-1 (after I was awarded a
penalty in the '85th minute' of the game, but hey, it's all fair!). There was a bit of lag on the game though, while it was still playable, it was a bit dodgy. However, that could be due to several factors, including the other person's connection, although I had to make 3 attempts to connect to an opponent. My week off next week is looking very, very appealing now

I also ordered my new TV today. I decided to go for a Dell Widescreen LCD TV.

I went for the 26 inch model, and it should take about 7 days to arrive (hopefully). It's going to replace my PC monitor and TV, it has picture-in-picture capabilities, so I can work on the PC, and watch Eastenders at the same time I can't wait for that to arrive, it will be a while, I know, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

So those are my new boy's toys.........

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