Back to work/Podcasting

Ok, got back to work today. Got loads of commiserations on failing my exam. Found out that a lot of people actually missed me, which is a massive bonus as well. I'll be off next week as well, so they might not be very happy with me when I eventually get back !!!

I've finally jumped on the podcasting wagon. I'd been hearing the word so often, but I always thought you needed an Ipod to do it. Apparently, you don't. And when I heard that the BBC had started making some radio shows available, I finally decided to give it a try. Most of the stuff I initially downloaded was pure rubbish, but now, I've got about 4
podcasts I actually like.

My favourite podcast is from some guy who works in Xbox called "Major Nelson", who gives 'insider info' on what's going on behind the walls at Xbox/microsoft. yesterday, he had a 15 minute interview with one of the Creative directors at Xbox, who's currently working on stuff with Game Developers on the new Xbox, which was really cool. Get this, the director guy has 4 Xbox'es' at home, 17 TVs all over his house !!! His main rig is in his 'media room', on a 55 inch plasma screen, and with 7.1 surround sound. He says that the ground literally shakes on that one.

I now have a new aim in life, I have to have a 'media room'..............time to rob the bank again.

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