I'm not sure whether to be angry or confused about this one.

The British High Commission in Nigeria has temporarily suspended services to first time travellers aged between 18 and 30, in an effort to bring down application numbers. The
Visa office has been overwhelmed with applications, and cannot cope with the demand for UK visas. With a current refusal rate of 80%, they claim they had to do something.

I know how hard it is for someone in that age group to get a visa to come over to the UK, because I went through the entire process. I had a visa application refused in my first year in university, because there were 'no evidence' I would return. I reapplied 4 years later and eventually got one, before later coming over here as a student, then on the working holidaymaker visa.

I admit that most Nigerians applying for visas may be planning to overstay even before they get the visas, but I'm not sure this is the best answer. Some of us are denied the opportunities to take holidays when we want to, and genuine applicants are turned away.

As I'm not a British Citizen, I do not have a right to complain about whatever I'm handed, however, I've never spent a day in this country illegally, and don't plan to either. All the talk about immigration in the forthcoming elections is worrying me though, we're being made scapegoats for political gain. The Working HolidayMaker visa I used to get to the UK has been changed, so if I got it today, I wouldn't be able to do the job I'm doing now.

I hope no changes are made to the Highly Skilled Migrant Program before October (when I plan to apply) !!

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